Arcane of Real estate

2021, companies today depend on ‘Digital Marketing’ for their survival. It sounds exaggerated, right? But let’s talk real, if we don’t take advantage of digital marketing today, our company will face a huge drawback. It is obvious that one cannot spend time on time-consuming tasks all day long. So the technical advancements have covered it well. The minor tasks are always time taking and only if they are done in seconds the work delivery will multiply. Let’s quick example, a single post can be advertised and boosted worldwide within a second, simply by one click. Advertisement on such a vast scale wouldn’t be possible just by hard work. Because in today’s time smart work has the spotlight.

The Modus Operandi

Smart work encourages growth and ensures that we get the maximum results. Like in early times Real Estate Marketing was done via personal references/links with people, the sales team used to go out and distribute pamphlets, flyers or ads in people’s homes, or paste on walls etc. Now it is done in a few seconds. A single click can make billions of people see the advert at the same time. Now it works in quantity and even some of the sales quotes say that in sales, quantity matters, the more the sales are generated, the more beneficial and profitable it is. But the fact of quality cannot be denied. It’s the quality that makes ‘a client forever’. Alas if any industry fails to take the advantage of modern marketing, then they must lag behind.

Marketing TODAY

To market, any business one must know the art of telling or conveying that their services/ products are available and how they effectively fulfil the utility. The more people get to know about the company, the more opportunities to generate sales, until there comes a time that your company becomes a desirable brand which people search for. Especially in the Real Estate Industry, these top brands such as, or, EarthLink, Eighteen and several others, all of these have used the unconventional ways of advertisements to become the echelons of industry. According to modern research if a person sees an ad 7-8 times a day it is more likely that he/ she will consider it. There is an important tactic about certain company’s advertisements in unconventional ways. It must be advertised in every possible way that will surely bind the audience to notice and build curiosity. This will boost your branding; people will remember your brand years after the marketing ad has disappeared. For this purpose, the best-suggested strategy is Guerilla Marketing.


YouTube has a lower bounce rate than Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. WHY?

Every company has a marketing plan but the point is, is every company able to market to the right way to the audience?

As per the modern research of 2021, Facebook has 2.89 billion users and it also says that each person who has a smartphone is likely to open up Facebook 14 times a day. The average of Instagram and Twitter are almost around these figures too. So, if a post or video is boosted, there is a very good chance that people will see it 7-8 times roaming, which is perfect to catch their attention. However, video content with relevance gets 94 percent more views as compared to written or imagery content. There is no doubt that video marketing is powerful and most importantly it is accessible to every individual the reason for that is the video catches the attention if we see the top cities like New York, Las Vegas, Hong Kong, videos are playing on the billboards for brand engagement and social awareness, however, the best idea is to choose an ‘unconventional way’ for that.


The unconventional ways of marketing have proved to be more effective in generating great leads and a good amount of audience. It can be any way or idea to drive publicity and get brand awareness by advertising in a wonderful, shocking or surprising way.  Traditional marketing which includes digital marketing techniques consumes 75% of the total marketing budget. Comparatively Guerilla Marketing is a low-cost technique with high returns. It is not some new strategy; it was known as a traditional one in 1984 but it is a misunderstood and under-used strategy. It works on a simple principle that it is ‘easier to show than to say’. The most interesting thing about this strategy is that it doesn’t look or feel like marketing, it can make the audience appreciate and at the same time make them wonder what it is that eventually builds curiosity for example it could be street art, which is huge and shocking as well. But will attract people that are what advertisement is supposed to do. 

Especially in the world’s top growing and never ending business of Real Estate the unconventional marketing tactics could prove to be highly beneficial. Although these are not being implemented other than the creative billboards. Here is an example of advertising Real Estate building.

This model of a building was set up on height to make people notice. It worked correctly and it got the attention of every passing car and pedestrians on streets as well. A normal billboard wouldn’t be able to do so. It will not only target an audience but will make customers, suppose when people are looking for investment opportunities like apartments or shops they will be forced to make a call and ask details of the project which will generate the direct leads. This way it will promote the business because the word of mouth will flourish and people will appreciate and remember your company name.

A few ideas that could be implemented in the Real Estate industry.  All these examples narrated below are really creative, ideas which no one has ever thought of. This particular marketing way is better than the conventional and formal ones, there is a lot more opportunity for growth in unconventional ways. Once an idea injects into people’s mind and it is discussed over social media, then it’s more likely to be a word of mouth which proves to be the most effective way for making sales and promoting the brand. There is a clear exposure and profits increase which results in a good ROI. Any small or big business needs a financial return, it’ll be wrong to say that it’s only in the sense of making a sale because it means promotion and turning into a brand. 

The loading truck can be designed in a 3d form. All the sides of the truck can be utilized to execute the idea. Let’s suppose a housing society project of ‘Qurtaba City’ can be advertised. The Vivid and wide picture of the society can be displayed on each side of the truck. This advertisement on the heavy loading truck will be very noticeable, prominent and shocking. Every car that passes by will see the huge ad and they might discuss it with the passenger seat and vice versa. Next time they want to buy a property they will not need to recall because your company will be the first they will search for.

Everyone out there goes shopping. We can get numerous panaflex with an outline of home and a quote written on it that says “Filling joy in your home” and the contact details of the company at the bottom. The sheets could be placed in the trolleys in the marts with maximum footfall so when people carry a basket it will stay in front of their eyes and might develop a thought of having a home.

We can place a huge dummy mailbox at any busy station and leave it open filled with  empty envelopes with the trademark of your  People will pick the envelope out of curiosity and open it. They will call to ask about the empty envelope and there goes your audience calling you themselves. You can then talk about the project which might interest them and who knows the lead becomes a customer.

 We can set up streamers on the back screen of the cars. This will bound the person to see the ad while driving or when parked at signals or stuck in traffic. Seeing the ad will create an effect in their mind and there is always a possibility that they might make a purchase or at least think about it.

We can make a dummy home structure and place it in a park under a tree and hang a huge plate on the tree that says ‘We shelter your dreams & family’ or maybe on a subway under the shade of the waiting area and hang a plate on a side with a saying: ‘Your dream home awaits!’ Or simply the slogan.

That’s how unconventional ideas of marketing works; simple to show, easily spotted, creates curiosity, makes an impact, turns into a customer, and turns to be ‘word of mouth’ to grow the business.