Qurtaba City is Sultan Marketing’s premier residential project. It provides a scenic environment combined with all the modern facilities to offer our customers the best living standards in the twin cities. We strive to make Qurtaba City a city of peace and knowledge.

Qurtuba is an Arabic variation of the name of Córdoba in Al-Andalus (now Spain), the Muslim-ruled area of the Iberian Peninsula. The city of Córdoba, the largest in Europe then, became one of the leading cultural and economic centers throughout the Mediterranean Basin.

Qurtaba city Rawalpindi
NOC Approved Housing Society
20 minutes drive from Islamabad International Airport
25 minutes drive from Rawat
Less than 1 minute drive from Chakri Toll Plaza
Flexible Installments and Discounts

The developers & Owners

Sultan Marketing was established in 1989 to become Pakistan’s leading real estate business. Sultan Marketing has branched out to procurement, planning, architecture, and development in the construction sector, as well as consultancy and legal services. Our residential and commercial projects are one of a kind and redefine expectations concerning quality and distinctiveness.

At Sultan Marketing, we hold ourselves to high standards and act ethically. We share a long and credible business relationship with our clientele based on mutual trust, respect, and commitment. All our projects are built on dedication, devotion, and hard work. Our construction arm, HSSR, is working as the primary developer of Qurtaba City. HSSR manages different construction plants and the men and machinery required to build such an enormous project.

Qurtaba City's Masterplan​

This purpose-built society has been planned meticulously to ensure that all the amenities are within reach of our residents. The project area of Qurtaba City is spread over an area of 17,500 Kanal. The site is divided further into two parts; residential and commercial.

Qurtaba city location

Residential Area​​

The residential area is divided into 25 sectors, with four sectors dedicated to 5 Marla plots while four other sectors are devoted to 10 Marla plots, and thirteen sectors are reserved especially for 1 Kanal plots. Moreover, Sector Q is marked for the building of Sultan Villas. Sultan Villas is a new and dynamic residential project undertaken by Sultan Marketing.

Qurtaba city residential area
Qurtaba city commercial area

Commercial Area​

The commercial area is divided into sector commercial areas and a main central commercial area. Each sector will have its sector commercial area containing shops and businesses catering to them. The central commercial area is a massive business zone with room for high-rise buildings. 

Amenities and features in Qurtaba City

Qurtaba City is a society filled with eccentric amenities and features. With an especially designed master plan, we make sure to cover all facets of life for our residents.

Road Network​

Qurtaba City is a planned society with particular attention to the city’s infrastructure, including a road network that maintains a smooth traffic flow. The main entrance road is 300 feet wide while other main roads are 200 feet wide. Our sector roads are 80 feet wide with the streets being 60 feet to maximize the movement capacity of all traffic.

Qurtaba city road network

Digital Connectivity in Qurtaba City

Qurtaba City is one of the most forward-looking societies in the twin cities, with free wifi access throughout the town, connecting you to the outside world at no cost. It will also provide fiber optics connections in every sector of the city.

Security in Qurtaba City

Using 24/7 surveillance via modern equipment and trained security personnel, we ensure that Qurtaba City is one of the safest societies in the twin cities. Our cameras surround society and monitor it continuously. It is also surrounded by boundary walls. Fifteen thousand five hundred feet long boundary walls have been created, while 10,000 feet will be constructed by the end of this year. The housing society also plans to house a police station in the future. It is a Gated community and has trained security guards that are within your reach.

Utility Services In Qurtaba City

Qurtaba City is committed to providing the best day-to-day services for its residents.


Qurtaba City has the distinction of having its own electricity grid station. This will make sure our residents get an uninterrupted supply of electricity. In addition, Qurtaba City also features underground electrical wiring, ensuring a safe and consistent supply of electricity.

Water​ filtration plant

Qurtaba City also provides a free water filtration plant for its residents with a capacity of 2000 liters per hour. It also has multiple water storage towers to meet the needs of its residents. Qurtaba City also has the largest water reservoir in the area.


At Qurtaba City, we give great importance to enhancing the natural beauty in our housing society. With dedicated nurseries developed in this city, our aim is to fill the residential society with plants, flowers, and fruit-bearing trees. The green belts and parks in Qurtaba City are maintained on a daily basis.


Qurtaba City has reached an understanding with Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited for the supply of Sui Gas for residential use. This will greatly help to elevate the living standards in the housing society as well as provide low-cost energy for our residents.

Private Construction Plants

To facilitate the construction work in Qurtaba City, we have our private construction plants. This includes our asphalt batching plant, concrete batching plant, crushing plant, block-making factory, and pipe-making factory. These plants ensure quick progress in the construction of different projects in Qurtaba City.

Food Street

Qurtaba City will feature its very own food street. Inspired by the food streets in different cities of Pakistan, it will have food courts, restaurants, and cafes for our residents to experience and enjoy the culinary delicacies. Our food street will attract many eateries from all over Pakistan and will make it stand out even more.

Smart Waste Management

Qurtaba city has a waste management system to manage the waste in an environmentally responsible way and to keep the city clean and green. The modern waste management system will be automated and will know when the trash bins are full, directing the collection trucks to the bins in a short span of time.

Education in Qurtaba City

Qurtaba City is Pakistan’s first city of peace and knowledge. With a particular focus on education, we make sure to provide institutes of learning for our residents of all ages.

Qurtaba Schools​

Qurtaba City has allocated 17 plots for schools in every sector. The construction of the first school has already started in D-Block. Spread over 14 Kanal, it will have space to educate 1200 students from Nursery to 10th Class. Qurtaba City will also feature a teaching hospital on its premises. 

Qurtaba International Uni

Qurtaba International University, which spans over 872 Kanals, will be one of the finest educational institutes in Pakistan. Located in the central commercial area, Qurtaba International University will maintain modern academic standards with faculties such as Islamic Subjects, Law, Telecom, and Information, as well as Engineering and Social Sciences.

Libraries & Dar Ul Hifz

Qurtaba City have devoted areas towards public buildings such as public libraries to encourage a knowledgeable society. Qurtaba City will also house Dar Ul Hifz which will provide a centre of religious learning for our residents.

Communal Areas for Residents

There will be mosques in every sector of the housing society for your spiritual needs, with 16 plots earmarked for mosques. The mosque in Sector D is already in use with a total capacity of 900. This newly built mosque is spread over 4 Kanal and is a proud symbol of our society. Qurtaba City also has dedicated areas for graveyards.

Grand Mosque​

Qurtaba City will feature a grand mosque spread over 190 Kanal, built in the central commercial area. The 200 feet tall mosque will have space to accommodate 165,000 at a time. The Grand Mosque will have 386 feet tall minarets and will be the shining jewel of our housing society.

Parks & Playgrounds​

We have planned public areas, including parks, walking tracks, and playgrounds all around our society, so you and your loved ones have a place to relax and enjoy. Thirty-seven plots have been dedicated to making playgrounds and parks.

Jogging Tracks & Gyms

The developers and owners of Qurtaba city planned this housing society by keeping every basic need of the residents and fitness is one of them. This project will have dedicated jogging tracks and gyms to help them in keeping themselves healthy and fit.

Health Care Services in Qurtaba City

Qurtaba City cares about our residents’ safety and health. Keeping that in mind, there has been land allocated for medical institutes and plans for construction in the future.

Alkhidmat Health Unit​

Our Alkhidmat Health Unit is set up in Qurtaba Mall and working, providing quality medical care to our residents. With an ambulance service and emergency medical center and medicines available at discounted rates, we ensure that our residents don’t have to worry about anything.

Qurtaba Teaching Hospital​

Qurtaba Teaching Hospital will span an area of 81 Kanal. It will be located near the Centre Commercial area and will be an international standard medical institute. The Hospital will be equipped with modern apparatus and the best medical staff, and all your medical needs will be looked after.

Business in Qurtaba City

Qurtaba city mall

With a business-friendly environment and a particular focus on commercial areas, Qurtaba City is sure to attract investors and other businesses. Our central commercial area will help boost business activity in Qurtaba City and attract investors from all over Pakistan. Moreover, our sector commercial will provide residents with day-to-day needs close to their homes and help increase business activities in Qurtaba City. Twenty-seven areas of land have been earmarked for commercial purposes.

Sector Commercial

Qurtaba City offers a commercial sector or mini-commercial in every block of the city. This will help residents quickly access everything for there day to day needs. The size of the shops in the central commercial will be 5.33 marlas.

Central Commercial

Pakistan’s first city of peace and knowledge offers a central commercial for the whole society. The residents will get everything from national to international brands. The size of the shops in the central commercial will be of 8 marlas.

Qurtaba City Mall

Qurtaba Mall is one of our ventures proving immensely successful, with the shops on the ground floor sold out. Spread over an area of 61,000 square feet and consisting of three floors, Qurtaba Mall is sure to meet and exceed the requirements of the residents of Qurtaba City.

Why Qurtaba City?

Qurtaba City is Pakistan’s first city of peace and knowledge. With our diverse set of amenities and features, we are committed to providing our residents with a comfortable environment and peace of mind. Qurtaba City is located in a very accessible area, making it a perfect place to call home. Our simple payment plans and trouble-free booking procedure help you save time and focus on building your dream abode.

Qurtaba city Islamabad

Qurtaba City's Location

Qurtaba City is nestled between the hills and is surrounded by greenery. It features beautiful flowing Sill and Sawan rivers next to it, increasing its beauty. It benefits from the fact that it is linked with the motorway network that connects all major cities. It is easily reachable with a private access road from Chakri Motorway Interchange, only 3.5 kilometers. This sets us apart from our competitors. 

Qurtaba City is near the new Islamabad International Airport, making your trips smoother and more pleasant. Moreover, with its suburban location, this city feels like a breath of fresh air in today’s congested environment. It is also located close to the oil village and the rangers’ headquarters.

Access points

Qurtaba City is linked with the Ring Road. The city can also be reached through the access road from Kolian Hameed. It is connected with Rawat through a link road as well. Qurtaba City is also linked to the motorway through Thalliyan Interchange, reducing the distance from Islamabad even further. 

  • 20 minutes drive from Islamabad International Airport
  • 25 minutes drive from Rawat
  • 1 minute drive from Chakri Toll Plaza
  • Less than 1 minute drive from Chakri City
Qurtaba city access points

Qadam Sales, Marketing, and Transfer Office

Our Qadam Sales, Marketing, and Transfer office is located in Qurtaba City and is ready to serve you six days a week. Our office arranges visits for potential clients as well as handles the transfer of properties to our valued customers. Visit us today to find out more. Our sales partners are also located in Qurtaba City.

Qurtaba city Qadam office

Authorized Dealership Offices

Qurtaba city dealership office

Our sales partners/dealers have been allotted offices in Qurtaba City. Our partners are authorized and available 24/7 to assist you with buying and selling your properties in Qurtaba City. Our trustworthy sales partners won’t jeopardise your investment and help you find the best way forward.

Qurtaba City’s Latest Development Updates

NOC Approval

Qurtaba City is an RDA-approved project with a No Objection Certificate. This is a completely legal society. Approval of RDA means your investments are secure and with minimal risk.

Fast Construction

Qurtaba City is developing at a very quick pace. The Iconic Gate has been completed and is in use. Qurtaba mall and Sector D Mosque have also been constructed and inaugurated. Water filtration plant is also established and is in use. The construction of Qurtaba School has also begun with work progressing quickly. The cutting work and asphalt work are also happening and are expected to be finished very soon.

Our Payment Plans

We strive to communicate effectively with our clients. Therefore, our payment plans are straightforward and inclusive of the development charges. The payment plan consists of a 20% down payment on the value of the plot. It is further divided into quarterly installment plans for two years. Moreover, Sultan Marketing offers a 10% discount on lump sum payments for its valuable customers.

Preferential Location Charges:

  • 10% extra for corner plots
  • 10% extra for plots on the boulevard
  • 10% extra for park-facing plots
  • 15% extra for plots on 200 ft roads
  • 15% extra for 2 preferential locations
  • 20% extra for 3 preferential locations

Our Booking Procedure

Our booking procedure is effortless and hassle-free. We do not deal in files but rather hand over possession of plots directly. 

We require: 

  • 20% down payment at the time of booking 
  • Photocopy of your CNIC
  • Two passport-size pictures
  • Photocopy of your next of kin’s CNIC

You can submit the pay order or cash at our Qadam office or any branch of Summit Bank.
Our Sales, Marketing, and Transfer office is in Qurtaba City and is ready to serve you six days a week. Our office also arranges visits for potential customers. Sultan Marketing is also present in DHA Phase 2, Islamabad, with its main office. We look forward to interacting with you and starting a prosperous future together. 

Qurtaba city forms

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Qurtaba city cintacts

Contact Us:

  • Contact Us at +92 333 0175924 for payment details
  • Pay online or transfer payment to Summit Bank
  • Whatsapp your payment proof
Qurtaba city receipt

Get Receipt:

  • Once payment is received you will get your payment receipt.


Our Expert Opinion

Investing in the real estate market helps you generate wealth and build equity. It is considered a reliable long-term Investment. With the prices of real estate shooting up in the twin cities and a general lack of properties for sale, the future lies in Qurtaba City. Our payment plans are flexible and pocket friendly, making it easier for you to invest in Qurtaba City. Our trouble-free booking procedure and dedicated staff at our Sales, Marketing, and Transfer office will help you save time and focus on building your dream home.